You may have a expensive building but it doesn’t mean you deliver luxury!

Recently someone called our Salon super Luxury and whilst to most that would seem like ¬†somewhat of a compliment, we heard it and almost pushed him in from of the bus! We are not a luxury Salon, are we cheap no, is it a nice looking salon, yes so why wouldn’t we call ourselves Luxury?


Well its as basic as the picture above say’s, if you put an expensive light on the pole, does it work better? Do you see more? Is it a better experience driving down that road?

The answer is obviously no right but yet some people often think the fittings of the building dictate the level of service which is totally the wrong way to look at it.

We certainly didn’t go the cheap route for the salon but we have kept the design simple because we think its important to put our time and energy into the training and level of service we deliver.

Its not up to us to tell you that avoid a salon that is expensive looking and try out the cheap looking half baked ones, its not at all what we are saying but good to be aware of the traps and avoid falling into them.

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