Wrapping your hair in a towel or turbin is making you bald

Chances are in summer and winter you wash your hair and throw it up in a towel while your getting ready to remove the excess moisture and this could be ripping your hair out!

Whilst the act alone isn’t the cause it’s the behavior around it that causes the damage. We find a lot of people will use a towel on their head to dry it like they are moping a floor, rough and aggressive! This will agrevate the hair and cuticle making it frizzy.

So how are you meant to do it we hear you ask?

Well it’s fairly simple, shampoo and condition as normal, when the conditioner is in use a wide tooth comb, starting from the ends comb out any knots ( do NOT rough up the hair from this point onwards). Rinse gentle using the palm of your hands until all the conditioner is out, squeeze excess water out keeping the hair flat. Finish your business in the shower get out and lightly pat, yes PAT dry your hair, don’t rub it!

Add a water soluable serum then style as desired. There should be no pulling, rubbing or flipping that’s for cleaning the floor or making Hamburgers !

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