What will suit you?

We all think we are unique, we all want to be a little different and have a USP to our life, its one thing to want to be different by choice or by design. Some people are born to that way, they want to stand out and question the ” Norms “and will go out of their way to make sure they don’t fit in and some people will say they don’t want to be normal yet everything they do is mainstream!


Now mainstream is not a bad thing, if thats your jam then own it and rock it, however if its not then its fine too but it doesn’t matter if its your hair, your travel plans, your relationship particulars or anything else its your choice!

We don’t confess to know it all but all but we do know that you are individual and to get your hair to actually suit you it needs to not only work with your face shape but personality, lifestyle and styling requirements. To find this out its a conversation that needs to happen between you and your stylist to get all the info and questions asked, then it can be discussed.

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