We cut hair not prices

The world is reaching saturation point for a lot, sure you have areas being developed daily that simply did not exist yesterday because of the pace that the consumer patterns change based on the way life is changing. 

However there is one fact that remains when it comes to a service like hairdressing, it’s delivered and done by people, real humans and is a service. We are all unique and have completely different opinions of almost everything so it’s almost impossible to get the same thing from two different people. Or at the very least the exact same experience or result from two different salons. 

It’s training and experience as well as life experience, everyone is different. 

What is interesting is that some people shop for a salon based on just price with little thought that by cutting corners they will get the same thing as possibly a more expensive salon! You have some salons even not training thinking that price alone is all people care about, when in fact it’s quality & experience then price.

Do want to go to a salon that cuts hair not corners and puts all its energy on experience and result or a salon that only focuses on being cheap? 

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