Want some advice about your short and curlies?

Why is it that girls with Curls have a more Sass than those with straight hair? Or is it just us that thinks that, not sure but regardless to maintain those locks it takes a little trial and error and a few things to keep in mind to make sure it looks good we have spelt it out below! If you have straight hair and have a lot of attitude then good for you!


Things to keep in mind for the curly hair Girls

  • The moisture controls the Curl, the less moisture the more frizz, the more moisture the better the curl
  • Too much color will dry your hair out and create frizz
  • Regular trims remove split ends and should be done every 6-8 weeks, although it sounds cliche its a fact
  • Dont let anyone on planet earth thin your hair out or you will look more like a fur ball than a person!
  • Don’t get rebounding unless you want to look like you are wearing a wig!
  • Keratin can be beneficial, but in all honesty only as a last resort
  • Embrass the curl


Hope that helps, curl is hot if you know how to style it, natural is best!


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