Tired of the same shit!

I don’t know about a lot of you, but don’t you find yourself bored out of your head from time to time, it normal right. Same people, same places, same conversations and the same challenges day in day out, like seriously is this life?


The say you become what or who you spend the most time around so if you stay in the rut, you end up becoming the rut, scary right?!

We are fed the same type of consumer hype on almost everything like buying a certain product is going to change a thing, a dream holiday or a car that will get you to your destination faster and better. Your boss is a dick, the people you interact with every day are 100% not the type of people that are going to lift you up, if anything you have constant thoughts of growing them in your morning coffee just to shut them up!

If this sounds like you then its time to get a fresh new cut or color, or go crazy and get both!

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