Vogue wedding show master class with Rod Anker

When you’re planning your wedding 👰🏻 anywhere it’s always a huge task to coordinate everything and forever you have imagined things a certain way. Well that’s exactly what Rod spoke about early today in his Master Class with Vogue.

Hair needs preparation for the day or series of events that should get your hair ready to look it’s absolute best. The lead up or prep tie should be 4-5 months to make sure the color, length and condition is perfect.

When to do color prior to the weddding?  3-4 days prior

When should you get it cut? 1-2 weeks before

When is the right time for keratin if your hair requires it? Should be 2 weeks before the wedding

Can you add shine?

Yes you can do it several ways, add a clear gloss as a color, these are a specific color that is 100% clear it’s only job is to add shine, does not cover grey at all. Also there are shine sprays which are great but be careful as they can make it look oily if over done.

Extra fullness?

You can backcomb or use padding for sure but also there are viluixinh powders that create a grip for the hair that adds volume. Several products are available here in India both Label M and Schwarzkopf have them.