Be thankful

Its easy to get lost in day to day life and keep wishing your life away, I will be happy when this or that happens, then when it does there is already another hurdle you have placed before happiness is in your pocket. But imagine if you actually stopped and thought about things for a moment and thought of all the things wonderful that you already have in your life?


At some stage of your life, these things or situation you are in are the exact things you prayed would happen, they did happen, this is your life! Be thankful for them, be thankful for the people who are in your life and live the life you are born to live! Easier said than done sometimes but a little mind training and effort you will see that your life is blessed, situations pass and if its a bad time these too are a blessing and you will get through it.


Thank you for everyone that has been supportive, challenged us, pushed us, ignored us, said no to us, walked past us or been there the entire journey. If it wasn’t for each of you we would not be the people we are so thank you !