You want it rough?

You say you want it rough but you really want it more like a slow dance. 

The buzz word on everyone’s vocabulary lately is “texture” from designers, hairstylists to photographers but the word itself lends itself to leaving the hair like you just had a three hour romp in the gutter compared to what in fact texture should look like. 

Yes this is texture, a frizzy curl texture. 

This is a messy upstyle, again messy and wispy like it’s wind blown. 

This is texture but it’s a smooth loose wavy texture. 

This is texture, more like haven’t done anything to it texture and sadly when some hairstylist think texture this is what they do. Texture is basically hair that is not solid, so if your creating a mood board or think your the next big thing in hair understand the various textures and describe them as you imagine. 

Perfect products to create a variety of texture

Label m sea salt spray

Matt paste by label m

But remember not to over do it with product or teasing or it will look like a dogs breakfast.