The temperature is heating up

You can not abuse it and then think a little ice will cool it down, if you are constantly abusing your hair then there will be damage that no amount of ” hair spa” or treatment will fix. Yes thats right, your hair is not indestructible sadly.


We have a very clear ethos when it comes to doing hair, if you can not manage yourself on a daily basis then we are not doing our job, if what we do causes damage that creates drama in your life then we are not doing our job. Its fairly simple, we respect the hair so your life is not disturbed by repeat visits to have to fix it, sure we could possibly be busier doing all sorts of chemical treatments and tell you they will change your life, but the change would involve you having to come back weekly to try to deal with it.

If you are after an ethical Hair Salon that respects the health of your hair then look no further!