Important info on your new personality update

We don’t go to school leave then stop learning, in fact at school we learn very little in the grand scheme of things so constant updates are required in order for us to grow in our personality, work  and life. 

Growing doesn’t mean steroids, it means learning new things, being a better human, fixing bugs and becoming the best person you can be.  It’s not a copy + paste from others it’s about changing you, not sweetheart your not perfect, no one is. 

If there is heart and no head or visa versa you life would be not only boring but a disaster. Humans  have been evolving since Adam & Eve so let’s continue that journey and just because you have a beautiful printed certificate hanging so proudly above your desk from 20 years ago, try to grow and upgrade yourself daily. 

If you point a finger there is 4 pointing back at you, change starts with you