Seems like some of you can’t find the spot!

We know your lazy and want your hand held 24/7, you call yourself an entrepreneur and a mellenial yet you can’t find it!

It’s fairly simple, we will explain to you in one easy step because we know you are a fast learner. You excel in absorbing information and love working it out yourself, after all this small process is empowering right?

Step 1. Open google maps

Step 2. Type ” Rod Anker Salons” and boom it somehow guides you to us! Crazy right!

Now if it’s the other spot you can’t find, that we can’t help you with.

If you still think that is too much for you to do at 11.30am ( because you like to sleep in ) please call 01141010011

or here goes 117 Meherchand market, New Delhi, India, planet Earth 🌍

Pack your bags its time for a trip!

A good sleep is as good as a holiday, seriously what a load of rubbish! A good sleep is an essential part of a healthy life and can really screw up your mental health ( and others close by ) if you don’t get enough and is not at all like a holiday!


Getting a new outfit or a change of hair is an escape and can give you the feeling of being fresh, sure it may only last you a day or two but it’s a kickstart to a new mood or vibe that will get you in a good headspace and thats at the end of the day important, that new headspace may just have you booking your next holiday!

If you are feeling like a break then pick up the phone and give us a call!


Phone 011 410 100 11

Slide us a DM @rodankersalons or go old school

So you have a smart phone with





But your rollin old school and want to call us?

We love a little gas bag on the phone 📱 011-41010011 open 10-8 everyday except Sundays open 11-6

Or for those who like a brighter outlook drop us a note

[email protected]