Decoded with Merrylin Boro & Ogaan 

Boss, style icon, business partner or whatever you want to label her this girl has a style that can’t be boxed! The easiest model to work with and a joy to be around. 

With Ogaan we created various looks and decoded them, hair is an accessory and needs to have variation day to day so Click here to read all about the looks and make sure you Check out Merrylins Instagram

Photographer Karishma Bedi 📷 

Makeup Aakriti Kochar 💄 

Styling Sparda Malik 👗 

Sweet talking in the salon

Hairdressing is such a personal service, your getting something that is on your body so it’s personal even if you don’t think it is, it is.  

We believe that running our hands through your hair is kind of a privilege, one that has to be earnt and is not something that can be bought to the highest bidder ( or the lowest price tag )

The biggest problem for hairdressing is communication, finding out what is going on in your mind, even at times when you  don’t even know, it’s about asking the right questions. You will go into the salon when your either bored or need “Maintainence” ( the obvious need for color regrowth or hair is literally in your eyes ) OR your just bored and it’s been a while and at times both. 

Now obviously the hairdresser has to have the technical skills to be touching your hair but equally as important they have to know how to communicate with you, it goes far beyond the pretty photos they show you or the perfectly priced menu. Choosing a salon or stylist isn’t like ordering food from a menu or getting your house built from a plan it’s completely 100% a personal service that comes down to personality! 

How do you choose the right salon & stylist?

Well that requires thought and a little effort because as we said earlier it’s not just about photos and price so you should be visiting and talking to them before you completely trust a new salon. A great way to start if your considering a salon is a consultation, all salons in every part of the world will offer free consultations, it’s not new, it’s a sit down chat to discuss your hair. Choose the stylist your after make the consultation booking and see how you feel after the talk. The questions asked, the solutions offered etc. At times hairstylist will say they can do things from turn your hair from black to white in one sitting to give volume to the three hairs on your head, remember there is fact and fiction it’s your hair. 

  • Ask why
  • Ask how
  • Ask price 
  • Ask about upkeep
  • Ask about condition

After that go away and ask yourself if this is the right salon for you.