When you want a warm brown but get zoo orangeĀ 

Keeping your color on tone from visit to visit to your salon takes effort ( not much so chill ) but it does require a little planning. 

Warm browns when they fade can end up looking a gastly shade or Orange šŸŠ or copper and no matter what you want to call it, if it’s not on purpose it can end up looking like a cheap box color so here is how to make sure your color stays on fleek. 

  • Wash with a sulfate free shampoo 
  • Always use conditioner it closes the cuticle and keeps the color from fading and color molecules shrinking 
  • Use a leave in serum or protein spray. This helps added UV protection. 
  • Don’t over process your hair, some people think you need color on the ends each visit when in fact it’s like a one in every 3-4 touch up thing ONLY when it’s not looking right. 
  • Don’t over do it chemically, if your straightening and coloring chances are your reading this and thinking yeah that’s me, we don’t do straightening or smoothening for a reason, it’s too aggressive causing the hair to be so damaged it won’t hold color! Try keratin it’s not going to ruin your hair!

Yes you can wash it daily, as long as it’s sulfate free shampoo and as long as you condition it each time. 

Why on planet earth would you straighten your hair?

Get it done it’s on special they said. It will make your hair easy to manage they said. No more curly hair they said. It will make your hair look healthy they said.  Well guess what, there is a downside!

You’ve decided to grown out your rebounded hair because well basically it ruined the condition ( no surprise there! ) and now it looks like bollocks, what to do?

Yes we can sit here and laugh and tell you we told you, which would be funny but not so helpful so here are your options. 

  • Cut it short to remove 3/4 of the straight bonded ends. This will help but still be a bit annoying. 
  • Keratin the roots to blend it a little.  Not ideal but visually a little better. 
  • Blow dry the roots straight until you have enough length to cut the ends off. 

No one said it would be easy.  Careful with something that sounds too good to be true. Rebonding and straightening in our opinion are possible the worst thing to do to hair!