Looking washed up after your fancy color?

There are still a few people out there who think getting a bright pastel color requires us pulling a tube out, putting it in a bowl and applying it to your hair, then boom you look like a mermaid and life is perfect. Well there is a lot more to it than this sadly, so we thought it best to spell it out and squash a few myths so you can then asses if its the right thing to do or not.


To get a bright pastel color or even a pastel color the hair has to be light, now if you have blonde hair naturally then congratulations you are 80% there but if your hair is dark then it HAS to be lightened up ( yes bleached ) and depending on the color you want to the level it has to be lightened. If you mix paint think like you are in kindergarten for a minute, mix blue and red you get purple so if you lighten it put to red/ orange the result if you want blue will be somewhat a purple color but your accuracy is going to be loose.

Ok so you have managed to get the color after 2-3 sessions of lightening your hair, each time sitting in the salon for 2-3 hours and your scalp feels more like you have been beaten up than had a pamper session but you look good!

Now the minute you wash your hair the color will start to fade, sure you can use the right products to help, like a sulphate free shampoo etc but it will fade eventually depending on the condition, color etc etc.

Once it fades and it will, you will find that it fades uneven and your left with a patchy mermaid back stage groupie kinda look. If you at this point want to do pastel again then you have to possibly deal with the base you have and decide what color to do again if you want to change it, if you want to go back to a natural look then colouring over it will work but keep in mind just because its then dark and looks natural, chances are it will feel coloured and you need to treat it like it is coloured and be extremely careful with it!

If you are still keen then drop in, we love doing fun colours but will always make sure you are 100% informed before we start!