You cut too much off!

We have all been there, you went for a trim and the hairdresser but too much off right?

We believe that an indepth conversation about your hair that goes way beyond ” how much do you want off today?” Is the key to getting the perfect haircut. This is about finding out a lot more than just how much you want cut off, you might be having styling issues, you may be moving towards longer hair, change of season, have a lot of damage etc etc and there is always options and it’s never about us doing what we want. In fact it has nothing to do with us and everything to do with you. We use a dry cutting technique to work with natural movement and flow of hair which also ensures no surprises on length once it dries! It’s not just a simple process of cutting it dry, it’s a technical technique trained originating in a Japan that ensures wash and go ease. 

We suggest if your hairstylist is not paying enough attention before the cut then it may be time for a change.  

Behind every brand 

What is a brand, is it just a logo, a name?

When your building brand be it a person or a business the reputation or what the brand stands for is what the value is. It’s one thing to open a business it’s a completely other thing to build a brand. We see some businesses open and close, some doing a little this and that and not really standing for anything just a little of everything. To be sustainable in life we have to evolve and stand for something and have a firm understanding of what that is, it’s no use saying it but not actually believing it, we humans are far smarter than that it has to be authentic as well as understood. It’s like owning a service manual for a car, it doesn’t mean you know how to fix it or even understand how or why it works. 

What we believe in is sustainable and to be the best daily in what we do both for the brand, the clients and for the future. 

This post was originally posted on 2 years ago so yes you have heard it before đŸ˜œ