Let your words be a bunch of roses 🌹 

We have spoken about this before, but feel it needs to be spoken about more as a lot of people don’t get it. Really doesn’t matter what you believe in, the reality is the words the exit your mouth dictate the person you are perceived to be. Speak with anger, anger follows you around. Speak with love, love will chase you like a dog that hasn’t been fed for a week.

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It’s sad that today we still hear people going to work and being spoken too like they are slaves, people going into salons being told there hair is terrible, you walk out in the street people screaming at each other. Where is basic humanity? When was it ok to talk to people or about people like they are less than equal?

Fact is it’s not ok, doesn’t matter if you are born in the back of an auto rickshaw, or in a penthouse there is no difference we all came into the world the same and respect is basic essential. Quite often we are told that some hairdressers use the “tactic” of putting down clients current hair or previous cut simply to make themselves look better when in fact most people see directly through it and understand it’s rude and completely wrong!

We respect everyone the same, we expect it in return as the saying goes ” Only good vibes”

Come and experience hairdressing the way it should be!