When is long enough too long?

It’s always a personal thing when it comes to length what you feel more comfortable or sexier with or without. A girl with a shaved buzz cut would get far more attention than a girl with hair to her knees but yet we still see people getting their Rupuzel on. 

The upside

You don’t need to carry a Shawl, you have your own

Clothes, uff you don’t need any no one will see them anyway

Bed linen, well you guessed it no need for that either 


There is very little options for change or variation

The weight will cause headaches 

Your hair will almost always end up in your mouth, food, bed, on your clothes or flushed down the toilet ( your imagining it now aren’t you! )

On a serious note as we said at the begining it’s a personal choice but understand that your limitations of change are fewer the longer it is. 

At the end of the day, you can change the color but it is still a solid mass on your head. 

If you love having hair longer hair then make sure you do the following to maintain it in the best condition 

  1. Regular shampoo and conditioner. Yes condition every time. Use a sulfate free shampoo like Alfa Parf ( entire range is sulfate free) wash it every 2-3 days. The longer it is the more surface it has to collect dust pollution and dirt
  2. Regardless of length your hair needs trimming every 6-8 weeks to remove split ends. 
  3. If your planning a chemical service like keratin or worst like rebounding remember to get the condition back may take 3-4 years. Don’t make a hasty decision talk to a stylist and get multiple opinions.
  4. Don’t over iron it as over time this will damage it too much, once every so often is ok
  5. Always use a leave in serum and/or conditioner to make sure the cuticle is closed.