When your hair looks more like a horse tail

You have been growing your hair since forever, you don’t know why but its just what people do no? Everyone said grow it long its sexy, now its longer than the question at the Government run banks and as lifeless as the service you will get once you wait.


Sure if you are planning a photo shoot on a horse then all is well with the world, however its become too long and managing it is far from sexy or easy. You need to keep in mind creating a fresh look will be either bangs or a few layers, without changing the color there is not really many other options once the hair gets this long.

Things you need to be on the look out for are, keep the layers in proportion to the length or it will end up looking ratty ( is that a word even?)

Make sure to asses your options carefully and get the right advice so the outcome matches your expectations.

You have long hair and want a change?

Sure you may not be a rockstar with a hairdresser looking after your daily issues, your go to may be a top knot or a low pony and to be honest it’s getting a little boring!

But you don’t want to cut it, you don’t want to layer it or cut a fringe so what’s left? You visit the salon and say ” don’t cut the length, I don’t wants bangs, I like the color make me look different. We are guessing the hairdresser probly thinks your crackers. 

You may just need styling options, then in that case head in and discuss that with your stylist. If your serious about a change something either needs to be added or subtracted from what’s on your head, this may mean color, it may be some layering but something has to happen in order for there to be a change. 

Often boredom has been building up for some time and you really have no clue how to get out of the rut so get some inspiration from social media using some hashtags and see if anything looks interesting and head on into the salon. 

For hairdressers, it’s not about cutting it off, it’s about working out that image you have in your mind and delivering it, so lots of questions are needed to make sure we know we understood what’s going on inside your head.