In search of the future

So we have decided that whilst gym is keeping us fit we need to grow. We are looking for the following qualities in young hairdressers and if you think you have what it takes after reading the checklist then give us a shout.

1. Must have a positive attitude towards life

2. You dress well, according to your peers

3. You know selfies are lame

4. Obsessed but not self obsessed

5. Sick and tired of not being heard or listened too

6. Love learning, want to grow but not expand your waist 😜

7. Can follow direction but not orders

8. Happy to say no to ANYONE if it isn’t right

9. The thought of giving “puff” makes you want to barf

10. A real passion for hair & people and putting smiles on faces more than pushing things down people’s throats.

If hairdressing is your life, you want to learn and have stability and be respected and looked up too then drop us an email to [email protected] we have several position up to fill now!  

No one ever became successful from being the same as everyone else.

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