How to find the right hairdresser for you!

Well recently we were told you could look on “Craig’s list” for one, but honestly we are not going up recomend that option unless you’re a backpacker looking for a free ride and possibly happy with some weirdo driving you through the desert 🌵 

It needs to be a relationship that both know what page you are on, the ice has been Brocken and your in a good place. Now given everyone is different and personalities vary how do you find that fast, because you need your blow out done tomorrow night!?

Well here is the quickest way

Phone 011-41010011

Or use this checklist

  • Search on line for a person not a salon in your area who specialises in hair. Google is great but don’t just look at the paid ads!
  • Look at the salon & persons profile online, Facebook, Instagram etc
  • Drop them a DM and ask some random question, see if they even reply. 
  • Look on all the leading fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Cosmopolitan or Harpers Bazaar to see who they talk about. 
  • Go through the salon website and see if it’s just about money & price or it’s about hair
  • Ask your friends or complete strangers who does there hair. 

At the end of the day the relationship you have will largely determine if your hairstylist “gets you” or is simply telling you to do xyz. 

A hairy wedgie?

Ever seen some pants, dress or top that you love and thought you just had to have it and been too lazy to try it on before you buy it?

Just like your hair, a cut or color is not just a cut and color there is a huge difference between good bad and just plain wrong! If your blessed enough not to have experienced hideous congratulations, but if you have then maybe you understand that it’s not a product but a service. To get it right takes skill, understanding of what your after and a realistic approach ( sometimes it’s just not possible on certain hair ). So before you get sucked into people selling a haircut like it’s a litre of milk check first because the difference between that pair of pants that is giving you a wedgie and a bad haircut, you can return the pants!