What filter is that you’re wearing?

We all have that one friend who drags all their photo’s through 4-5 app’s or filters to get the perfect mood. Life can’t be edited in filters, in fact some people don’t have them!

The one thing we found interesting, there is no app to fix your hair, a bad haircut is a photo killer and try as you might, it’s not going away!

Don’t be a filter hoe, get your hair done 🤭

Why people unfollow you

There is a constant chase of followers, could be for business or could be personal with the perception the more you have the better you are or more value you have. Obviously anyone who has spent more than 10 min on it knows that your content dictates your value then it’s about numbers. I don’t know how some people go from 0-10000 literally in a week and have the nerve to have in their bio ” for collabs email me” like really? 😂 

Good on you, not sure it’s that easy but I’m sure you will work it out sooner or later.
The main reason most people stop following be it on line or in real life is usually boredom, no one gets any joy out of hearing the same thing day in day out, seeing the same thing day in day out, eating the same food day in day out. It’s boring!
Best advice would be to keep things interesting and fun!