If you keep ignoring me, one day I will just leave

You get a new present and for a few days its the best thing on the planet, or you dream about being able to sit at the same table as your dream girl. Yet once you do its kinda like ok thats cool now what, the thrill is gone, in fact you take it for granted because you have it on tap.


Imagine your hair, you really don’t look after it and assume it is always going to be there right? Well in some cases its not, nothing lasts forever unless you take the time to look after it, you don’t plant a tree then walk away expecting it to be better than ever when you decide to go back to it one fine day when your in the mood do you?

We need to nurture the things we love, today and everyday if we expect them to be there tomorrow or maybe one day they won’t be. If you have neglected your hair too long then its time to call us or get your self into the salon!

Treat everyday like its the last day you will have it and see the difference, doesn’t matter if its hair or your partner or your new phone!