I shaved my head and it never grew back

A lot of you are asking if you can shave your head, will it grow back? Well let me tell you a little story and you can decide if you should use this time stuck inside to shave your head or not!

Image via Rod Anker

It was midweek of a very regular week years ago when a friend sarcastically reminded my that my hair may be looking a little thin. The constant reminders day after day, week after week and month after month led to this very moment! I had finally been pushed over the edge, taken to the dark side and the only way out was to succumb to the constant insults and shave my head! Better to wear it clearly visible for everyone to see after all, nothing more hideous than a comb over or someone wearing the 4-5 strands of hair wrapped around your head to make it look like there is something there. I guess he did me a favour being blunt, I shaved it off and finally I was free and didn’t have to worry about haircuts again!

Not that going to a salon was a task, I was there almost everyday but was so liberating not to have to think about my hair!

Then, after maybe a few years I decided to grow it back for a change, days turned into weeks, weeks into months and still nothing happened. Well it did but obviously after a few years the growth had changed and the hair at the top so I was only left with rubble around the edge.

So in short no shaving my head didn’t make it stop growing, no it didn’t make it fall out or go thinner. What it did was make me realise if I spend all day doing other people’s hair, why would I stress about my own! I’m glad I got the push to do it!