Want to wake up in the morning with perfect hair?

Don’t you hate those people who either do wake up looking perfect or the other ones who wake up looking like crap, fix their hair then take a photo as if they woke up like that?

Can you have hair that is perfect after a night of horizontal mumbo?


Is it even possible?

A straight answer would be yes it is possible, its more complicated than that I suppose and depends on various things including your cut, the hair texture etc etc and if you make a few changes then the chances are you too could wake up looking sexy AF


Changes to make

Make sure you don’t go to bed with wet hair, as its drying it will end up looking terrible!

Use one or two drops of serum in your mid lengths to ends gently just before you go to bed.

Use a Silk pillow case, this stops the aggravation and will keep the cuticle smooth and your hair less static!

If your hair is curly and has a tendency to go curly or frizzy then tie it in a low tight pony tail, wrap a silk scarf around it all and secure at the base of the pony tail, this keeps everything perfect and when you wake up simply take it off and a little scratch and boom!


Above all one of the most important things is the cut, if the structure is right then the theory is it should all fall in place, now saying that and we are good but we can not control what your hair does at 3am let alone how it looks after a romp in the sack, we suggest you have fun and don’t worry about it!