Grass is not greener!

If your born in one country, you possibly have grown up thinking fairer skin is better, if you gee up in another you possibly grew up thinking fair skin looks skin you need color. 

One half wants to be darker, the other half wants to be lighter!?!

Stop this nonsense!

I think we can safely say be happy with what you have! Using fairness cremé’s or having a “brightening facial ” have a potentially huge list of side effects, we don’t do it and suggest you never do. 

Because of consumers being fed with white skin “brightening” type campaigns it creates a need.  Let’s embrace ourselves because light skin gets burnt faster, blisters, marks and potentially get skin cancer faster. 

I’ve actually seen and I’m sure a few of you have in Wedding ads looking for bride or groom ” Must be Fair” these type of comments or requests are highly racist in the most raw form! 

Grass is not greener on the other side love yourself and others based on what’s beneath the skin not the color of it.