We got Passion in the bag not coupons

So much money so little passion in building brands or companies that makes you wonder if tomorrow they will be around?

Starting anything generally comes from an idea, sometimes a random one or worst because someone said there is good money in it. Chances are most things will make money but if that is your primary focus it’s never going to happen. Having been hairdressing almost 30 years I have been told by so many during this time, forget money focus on quality and money will come. For the most part salons around the world are owned and run by hairdressers that get it, they have fire in there belly and passion to be the best. 

When it comes to building a brand, you can’t just create a very functional PDF and think to yourself, cool that’s what our brand stand for and that’s what we will do. Reality is no one that is part of the brand will either believe you or give a shit, most intelligent people see your copy paste mentality it’s kind of lame!

Culture of a brand comes from the people and without passion in the culture your just another salon doing the same old thing. Value isn’t about money, brand isn’t about me too, brand building is about passion and being the best version of you possible.  

Don’t get it, come see us and feel the difference up close because we are loving it?

Spring hair 2017

Your wardrobe looks like the prop department at the local high school drama class, your desperately looking for a holiday, that’s not only in the budget but can be taken in the two days you have free in the next three weeks. 

Welcome to Spring!

Out with the old, somewhat attitude also, but referring to clothes & hair! It’s a constant discussion we have each visit to make small changes, what you think we enjoy cutting your hair the same month after month, year after year? It’s boring. 

Take 5 minutes now and think about what part of your hair you would change if you could do it just for one day! Now think why not! If the answer is because of someone else you need to forget that and start to make yourself happy, it’s hair, it grows. 

Have a discussion with your hairstylist on how to make small changes each visit so your look evolves. Or jump and just go bold, it is fun and changes not only your look but your attitude towards life!

Limitations are in your mind