Hairdresser problems

So many authorities on everything that the only true test if you belong in a salon is the following. 

Your wardrobe is literally a rainbow of black 

Others call you crazy but you know the real term is gifted

You have heard of people going to salons and find it relaxing, you struggle to get someone to do your color and end up driving home to finish it. 

Your toilet stops involve texting, eating lunch, mixing color and uploading funny things online. 

When the hair iron becomes your go too fix. 

Your nails look like a shade of blue black literally every day. 

When you literally want to beat the crap out of someone who thinks they can share some secrets of hairdressing even after 20-30 years you never knew. 

When saying yes your hair looks natural is easier than saying sorry girl you look stupid!

When you get shown a photo like this and you tell them what’s involved, the cost and time and your told OMG that’s so expensive. 

When your client comes in like this not wanting layers, anything cut off length, no color, no bangs but I want it to look different and “nice” but everyone should notice it. 

When you want to replace the Tip Jar with this! 

You can tastes the difference in hairspray’s like your a critique.  

When your lunch has part of your last two clients in it.