What you actually look like

So recently we had the amazing opportunity to meet someone who spent several hours just staring at herself in the mirror pulling this face!



At first we thought hey, self love is the best love right, then after a while and several hair flips we thought maybe there is something wrong, she may need hydrating so we go her a coffee, we have nice coffee and hey get her some water too. Nope only stopping to do continue and flip from one side to the other, we repeatedly asked if she was ok and she managed to squeeze out a ” yes I’m great and you” each time we asked.

Has this condition come to light from children being asked to kiss when they are small, or is it a condition we like to call butt kiss, where you can’t look at your own reflection without puckering up? If you know someone with this problem please we beg you to contact a doctor and cover all reflective surfaces in the house if you want to have any form of conversation with them at all!