Dear little Miss blogger and beauty writers and the odd know it all

Dear World, no this is not meant to be a nasty dig at you in particular rather everyone that spends their Saturday night mashing up food scraps from the fridge, the odd plant from outside and putting it on your hair with the thought that it would perform miracles.


Now is Aloe Vera good for sunburn, yes but is it better than putting a scientifically manufactured burn creme on? Possibly a slower remedy, maybe not as effective right?

Now imagine putting Onion pulp on your hair as you have been told that it is good for hair growth, yet you have a terrible diet, don’t drink enough water, your parents and their parents all went bald at 40 and you have a high pressure job and abuse your hair like it is always going to be on your head forever and you want to know what items are in your fridge that will fix it? LOLOLOLOL

For professional advice visit a Hair Salon, for hair advice talk to a professional hairstylist, your granny doesn’t know it all ( she probably knows a lot of other things tho )

Call us we know hair, we have a few good recipe’s if your interested but not to rub on your head, to eat!