Limited appointments

So heads up, because of the way things are currently we have limited our Salon to one person at a time per stylist. If you want to be the only person in the salon we offer that also upon request. Everyone’s temperature is taken prior to entry and hand sanitiser must be used for every person entering the salon.

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We know you are worried if things are safe, what the salon will be like and who else will be there. We are as concerned and want to make it a safe place and won’t be taking any chances.

Our door is locked, no booking no entry. Everyone has a mask on and we consult from a distance or available to do facetime consultations too prior to your booking which means less time in the chair.

We are not serving Coffee or Tea as your mask can not come off! We work around your mask so there is no need to stress, we will show you and help guide you when we need. If you are coloring pls wear a disposable mask otherwise the strong may be stained.

Give us a call 01141010011

Tired of the same shit!

I don’t know about a lot of you, but don’t you find yourself bored out of your head from time to time, it normal right. Same people, same places, same conversations and the same challenges day in day out, like seriously is this life?


The say you become what or who you spend the most time around so if you stay in the rut, you end up becoming the rut, scary right?!

We are fed the same type of consumer hype on almost everything like buying a certain product is going to change a thing, a dream holiday or a car that will get you to your destination faster and better. Your boss is a dick, the people you interact with every day are 100% not the type of people that are going to lift you up, if anything you have constant thoughts of growing them in your morning coffee just to shut them up!

If this sounds like you then its time to get a fresh new cut or color, or go crazy and get both!

Since when is your Kitchen an option for hair care

Home remedies started pre internet and before there were any other options other than to rely on the information passed down from generation to generation, back then it was all you had, there was no on line shopping, no boutique brands and certainly the only research was based on what your family did or what stories were told.


Now whilst some may sound legit, there are very few that actually work or in fact some have the adverse effect and cause problems rather than cure anything. Somewhat like a placebo you may end up thinking that by doing some of these obscure things you hair may grow longer, thicker, faster and any other promises your 110 year old grandmother tells you!

Now whilst some of the home remedies we have been exposed to are not only crazy but plain disgusting, like onion pulp on your scalp….seriously? If you think putting Olive oil or coconut oil on your scalp is going to miraculously going to solve anything, you really need to get your head right!

Before you go to your fridge, do a little research on this thing called Internet and make the determination yourself, don’t take our opinion as authority its best to get the information yourself then make a decision.

If your planning on asking a professional what food you can put on your hair to “fix it” understand that you have a problem with the basics and you need to come and see us