Curtain Bangs

The biggest thing that has come out of lockdown in 2020 for hair is low maintenance hair that flows with little effort. Whilst a lot of this is controlled by the cut it can be one of the most liberating things to literally wash and air dry, even in winter!

Often called Curtain Bangs or Eastern European bangs by some it’s having the best of both worlds, having bangs but also having the length to be able to wear it up. It looks effortless and is low Maintainence if done right.

On curly hair is gives you options you never had before!

Bangs even your Mom will love

It’s 2020 and we can’t please everyone so it’s time to make some decisions to keep ourselves happy! Bangs or no bangs, well a lot depends on you, while face shape and hair texture have to be taken into consideration, there is always options no matter what.

Here come the curtain bangs, not a new entry but certainly our new favourite considering we are all into low Maintainence hair! Blunt bangs being the most high Maintainence needing trimming every few weeks, well cut curtain bangs can last you 6-8 weeks if needed even longer!

Matilda Djerf

As you can see these dreamy bangs blend seamlessly into the rest of her hair creating a “ U “ shape bend to slightly cover the edge of her forehead and yet sit back off her face. Sexy, dreamy effortless hair everyday

A longer version
Same yet the section is bigger so it’s more pronounced and takes weight from the bottom
If you don’t have curly hair, this is naturally straight hair

To get the perfect curtain bangs the hair must have the right amount of texture on the ends to ensure the hair grips on itself, creating that “ U “ shape.