When you thought you were cool

There was a lot of attention over the last 6-12 months and we saw a lot of people going pastel, some were cool but now your stuck with a faded out color that makes you look more like a cheap Barbie doll than the fashion icon that you had in mind, so what do you do?


Well forget getting the clippers out and shaving it off, I think we are a far way off that just yet, lets look at what you can and can’t do without destroying your hair. Keeping in mind especially if you have darker hair, to get to the lighter shades you have managed to take your hair to the end of the world and back and its nothing short of a miracle that it is still attached to your head so covering up all this hard work when its only been a few short weeks since you had it done!

Considering pastel tones or bright colours have a limited time frame for holding in your hair, even when you have been super good and used all the right things, it will fade this is normal!

Here are your options!

  • Re apply a pastel tone, why not make the most out of having lighter hair, change it up a little but look at it like this, you wont have to lighten it up as its already been done!
  • Sure you can go one solid bright color, in fact why not, this will evolve your look and give it a healthy appearance!
  • You can cover over the entire head, darker BUT remember that even though you are going darker and there is no sign of the light color any more, it is still there and the damage is already done, no matter what you do now until that hair is cut off it has been exposed to several applications of color and will tend to be fragile!


Things to keep in mind when you color your hair like this, it won’t last as long a s a regular color, you must use conditioner, you must use a serum to close the cuticle which will help keep the color locked in.