2019 the year of the Pig

If you ever needed an excuse to be lazy 2019 is it!

According to Chinese Zodiac it’s the year of the Pig ūüźĹ so if you want to eat, roll around in mud and never worry about having a shower this is your time to shine!

Lazy AF Pig

Fat Pig

Bridal Pig

It’s all work no play Pig

I’m your home girl instagram girl Pig

You hairy Pig

Backside techno S&M club Pig

Beach babe Pig

Soaking up the Sun Pig

Whatever Type of Pig you are Happy New Year and just be the best version of you possible.

The year of the Cock?

Yes in Chinese Years 2017 is the year of the Rooster and we thought it best to fluff our feathers in case your want to get your cockfighting game on fleek for 2017 here is some bird inspo for you

When you conditioner has run out

When you think your a mermaid but you are ugly AF

You got rebonding because, well because you got it cheap lol

Because you know hair is Art

No it’s not a wig, it’s natural¬†

Your stylist fell asleep learning Ombré oops

Well it’s cold¬†

Marylyn Monroe can do it so why not you!

I play bass in a band

Look at me I’m a Mermaid Cock

Selfie Cock 

You said I needed rebonding and color on the same day and you were giving me 20% off. FML you fried my hair Cock

Color game on fleek! 

I don’t have a regular stylist Cock¬†

So no matter what Cock you are channeling get yourself into see us soon and Happy Chinese New Year!