Give me something yummy! 

When it comes to explaining what look your after be it a color or a cut it can be very difficult, we have heard it all!

Some discriptions include ( actual conversations)

  • I want a really yummy color
  • I want it rich, not dark, not light, not red but not flat
  • It should look sporty, casual but still formal
  • Don’t cut the length, the layers and I don’t want bangs or to change the color but it has to look 100% different
  • I want to wash it and not do anything but it should be exactly like this photo ( shows a photo from a Chanel campaign) and I don’t want to use anything on it!
  • I want it to look like sex
  • Has to match everything in my wardrobe.  
  • I want the color to be seen, not by everyone especially not my parents. 
  • I want it to be very light but the roots can’t grow out dark ( this one was hard to keep a straight face 😐)
  • I know I have black hair but I want it white, I only have 30-40 min. 

And the list goes on!

We know it’s hard to explain something that is in your head better than anyone else, we know the right questions to ask, the right questions not too and the references to get your taste buds wet! Getting a feeling or an image out of your brain is what we do and what we train on so you will know the difference between average and the best hair you have ever had!