Beach waves on fleek

Yes yes yes just walked into the office to find the newest set of Alan Truman tapered barrel which if you don’t know by now we use and love for creating beach waves at Rod Anker Salons.

If you want beach waves surf on it on our Meherchand Market Salon today and let our surf instructors help you out!

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Beach waves are it!

Well if your still doing the flick, your now officially last season beach waves 🌊 are the coolest and only way you should be wearing your hair!

Now to get this it is NOT done with your typical tongs so please don’t try, it’s done with concave tongs! We use and reccomend Alan Truman curling tongs. Once you wear your hair like this you will never want the old you! This is easy, on trend and downright sexy af!
Give us a call you know you want too! 

It’s not a joke factory!

If you have never had 2 sometimes 3 or 4 people doing you hair at the same time your what’s called lucky!

Recently I was told about a visit to a salon that a ( now client)  had 4 people doing her hair, two holding the hairdryer and two holding brushes!  For India it seems like the way it’s done, no idea why or how as it creates zero control of the hair, 100% burning the hair and besides sadly 4 guys surrounding you with at times little or no regard to personal hygiene!

Sorry to break it to you all but this is not a hair factory or a made in China situation, it’s someone’s hair, someone’s time.

Holding the brush and dryer as one person is essential to control the blow dry, to control the heat so you do not burn the hair. 

If the salon you go to does this, say goodbye and give us a call!