If you have to continually push it into place, alter it, shout at it, abuse it then you need to read this

There are times in life that no matter how much you wish it came naturally, it just doesn’t. Getting out of bed early on your weekend off to practising the downward dog, some things are just not meant to be!


Doing your hair should not be one of those things, we believe that the cut we give you not only should sustain itself, you should be able to style it yourself with ease! If you can’t then there is a real problem, after all if you have to go to the salon to get a blow out to make your hair look good then what good is your hair serving you?

A few small tricks and hints is typically all it takes and as we do your hair we explain what and why we do certain things, this way you know firstly what we are doing but also in case you want to try it yourself then you can. After all true freedom is in knowledge and awe want you to be free!