How to be completely independent

Don’t you think sometimes, we all want to be Independent and free yet most tend to not want complete Independence in fact when no one questions you things can get out of control. Sure we want to move our Salon to the middle of the Rajhastan desert but I guess it may be a little too far for most to come, we promise you that it would have a super chill vibe and the best Cactus on the planet but its not happening any time soon so sit back down!


Good things happen when you have multiple people putting their energy into the one thing, they can do it independently however the more heads ( pun intended ) you have working on it the better it will be. Now we think being independent with your hair it should be free from weekly trips to the salon, now we love seeing you but seriously a few times a week is just not realistic to you and your life is it? Maybe you literally have nothing else to do and you like to be busy looking busy and then in that case we are all for it, come in have coffee and tell us how busy you are.

How on earth do you get that hair freedom? 

  • Well it doesn’t involve colouring your 90% white hair black
  • It doesn’t mean giving you a terrible haircut that only a hairdresser with a blow torch and 2 cans of hairspray can make look good
  • It isn’t scorching your hair so its dry AF so the only person can comb it is us
  • It sure as hell is not making you wear it ” in and out curls” that are more like a set barbie doll than actual hair

Its about giving you a cut that works with your hair, teaching you how to maintain it between cuts, giving you a color that works with your hair, skin and lifestyle. Its showing you options that work you can do yourself, its about being ethical with your hair so its in the best possible condition.

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