We will have a look for free!

there is no such thing as a free lunch is there? No probably not unless you go over to your families house, but then you will have to answer a zillion questions and that comes at a cost of sanity so basically no!

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We do however have something to sell you that is FREE, advice and we are happy to tell you that we will look at your hair offer you options, cost and advice all for free. Fairly often we will add in some nonsense and maybe a coffee if your lucky, but dont push it!

Advice is free and always will be so if you have questions about your hair or not sure what to do wit it, call or drop into the salon for a free no obligation chat and find out what how why etc!

Promise it will be easier than getting a strip search at the airport!

011 410 10011

The thing that can’t be replaced easily

We just want to point out some obvious facts about Dolls and you can draw your own line to connect it to us and what we do!



You can replace an arm or leg, get new clothes for it, shoes also, can color over the face and make it a different color.

You can’t replace the hair!