You think about getting Roots at 3am?

It’s 3am and you must be lonely, but we know that there are some night owls out there that take pride in stalking the internet for things be it the perfect little black dress, the perfect holiday destination to OMG I need my color done! Nothing will keep you awake more than realizing you skipped your hair appointment and now look a tad gastly. 

We know you, we are kinda weird too so thought it best to give you a few heads up in case this is your reality and by 10am you have forgotten. It’s far better to be looking for references for hair goals than swiping left or right ( don’t know which lol ) on other app’s if you know what I’m saying. 

  • No we are not open 24/7
  • Drop an email to [email protected] or slide us a DM to either Facebook or Instagram with your color question or booking. 
  • If you see the perfect color reference take a bloody screen shot, Murphy’s law you will never find it again. 
  • Next time you visit your salon make the next booking before you leave!

Now once you have emailed us, maybe even with a reference you can go back to spooning and get some sleep.