Leaders in Baliage hair coloring

Any technique requires training and understanding of why it has been created and Baliage has been a technique that has been around for a very very long time however now has become a popular way of colouring hair and the look has become very popular. Its literally one of those colours you only have to get done every 4-6 months ( depending on your length ) and looks super natural if done right!



Now as it is a free hand technique, it is important that the placement of the color be exact or you will end up with a color that is the opposite of natural and things can go very wrong. Its time consuming and patience is required, don’t think you can run around once the color is in because you will need to sit still whilst it processes. You can have it super subtle and natural or combine it with Ombre to get a very striking visible look, also the color can be lighter only by one shade or it can be as light as your hair will take!

If you think this looks like something you would like to do then give us a call!