Facebook instagram aur gharwalo ka kaam to sambhal nahi raha…. girlfriend kaha se sambhalu

I don’t know about you but life is so full it’s hard to fit in those extra things let alone the basics.

You may have one, two, three or maybe more social media platforms which require time daily, maybe a blog ( lol we do but so do most ) then work, partner, family, life etc etc it’s just sometimes far too much! I’m some way I envy those people not on social media although I do think they must be slightly odd, like what would you talk to them about?

Imagine asking someone who has no idea about Instagram to do a boomerang lol I guess we all are the stupid ones now.  Or imagine trying to explain OOTD they would be like, wtf would you take a photo of yourself for?

I guess it’s a matter of making time for the things that are important, it’s no good saying you want to be a super success then saying you couldn’t fit it in.