This is where we are at

I remember when life was possible, anything you dreamed of was possible, super hero’s could be real and there was nothing that you couldn’t do, it was a safe place, a place of possibilities and fun.

What has recently happened here is beyond disgusting, it’s to the point of incomprehensible. How can a human being rape and murder anyone let alone a group of humans. How are we still getting up and going to work, worried about what hashtags to use on social media. How is it the country hasn’t come to a stop when this can happen? How can we put this down to anything, how does common decency and humanity need to be taught?

For me I feel an utter depth of disgust and dispear for us all if this can happen and it’s not uncommon it’s almost ” again” rather than a one of incident ( once is once too many ).

If this doesn’t make you feel your stomach is rotten then it’s fairly possible you haven’t stopped and absorbed it. It’s not religious, it’s not about where you are from, which side of the river you were born or what your family do for a job. I can’t even say it’s about just respect, or being a decent human it goes far beyond that!

Disgusted to be living in a time when humanity has taken such a dark path. When will we all start focusing on how to be a better human being, when?