Something Fresh to wear this season

Well it could be summer if your in India or coming Winter if your in Australia but it’s always nice to have something fresh, not the same old you, a new update u1.1

Now whilst these tunaterrific flip flops look fresh they won’t be for long so it’s important to keep changing and evolving. Wearing you hair the same way month after month, year after year is not ok, you don’t wear the same style clothes your entire life do you?

Change doesn’t have to make your palms cold and clammy in fact it should be a slow movement towards a desired goal that way it’s more subtle changes than one drastic one. So if you are looking for short why not stop a few times in between and enjoy those lengths too? Going blonde why not do it gradually ( better for your hair also ) then it looks like several changes not just one. 

Hair grows and will continue for up to 6 months after you die so it’s kind of the only time to do nothing, now is the time to have fun with it. 

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