Siri was my hair

So its now a known fact, your lazy! The 12 month gym membership was used a total of 4 days, you know the food delivery guys by name and your idea of self care is about spending the day in bed watching netflix. ( which by the way is fairly good to be honest!)

But when it comes to getting yourself ready for a night out or your way of being social and break this unhealthy cycle that you have found the most comfort out of!

So you are also the type of person that thinks washing your hair is ” doing your hair” and wonder how on earth these people walk around with nice hair and you have a birds nest on your head! Well we are here to help you, its a matter of a few small tricks or habbits ( which is a better way of thinking)  that you can adapt to make your hair behave the way it should so you can step out of your house and manage to look amazing without creating anxiety or stress!



If this sounds like you, get off the couch and get yourself into see us for a chat, we don’t charge to talk in fact we do it for free and love to help you feel good about your hair! Leave the stress to us, just tell us what you do want to look like and how much effort you want to put into it!

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