Shopping for something fresh?

We have all been there, gone shopping with ten bucks in your hand looking for ingredients for a gourmet meal in the discount aisle!

The reality is your going to get basics or the stuff people don’t won’t or never would and you will end up on the phone ordering take out and spending more than the tenner anyway. 

Just like that it’s the same with hair, you think the brand of color is what makes it great? The skill in the hands and the understanding between you and the hairstylist determine if your service is done “on special ” or is Special. The reality is you get what you pay for. When are not the most expensive salon, we don’t claim to be the best although google helps convince us we know what we are doing it doesn’t go to our head. Often we get told it would have been cheaper to come get it done right the first time vs saving a tinny bit to start with, most of the time we end up suggesting to do less vs more. 

Hair is not bread, it doesn’t go on sale always go to a professional salon. 

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