Saturday, it’s time to bang!

Every season someone will say they are in and others will say they are out, some will say long and over grown others will say short. So basically whoever you believe someone has to be lying or misinformed right?

Bangs always have a place, it’s not about being on point with bangs, it’s about being on point with the overall look/feel you have or going for. 

Depending on the overall length, look your going for etc adding or altering your bangs can really change the overall look dramatically. 

5 Things to be careful of when getting bangs

  1. Your hair texture and density have to be taken into account eg; thinner hair the bangs should be one length or close to it or it will appear thinner. 
  2. If your hairline & growth pattern is full of attitude, keep the weight and length longer to avoid twists and bends ( unless you want movement in that case perfect )
  3. Never let anyone cut it wet, it will shrink once it’s dry. ( micro bangs the exception )
  4. Don’t be scared to experiment with changing your bangs each visit, it changes the overall look dramatically. 
  5. Don’t use too much product in your bangs, it shouldn’t need it, you don’t want product touching & running on your forehead all day. 

Now if your keen for a dramatic change but don’t want to cut your hair off why not bang it?

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