Rod Anker Salons contact details

We get a lot of different questions daily via phone, email & DM and we love being connected on social media so you can understand us a little better and maybe even experience hair from us.

We do hair, hence it’s called a “Hair Salon” we don’t do anything else just hair. Now whilst a lot of you just stare blankly back at us like we just told you the earth is flat this is what is commonly know as a hair salon.

Yes fyi, we are busy!

No we don’t rely on passing traffic

No we don’t do deals

No it’s not a fish market

Yes we answer back

Yes we will tell you not to do things that waste your money

Yes we take pride in our work

No just because everyone else is doing it we aren’t going too

Now even tho you have years experience as a builder and think we should open in Juhu because your wife went to a salon once and it was super busy, we don’t really care. You do you, we do hair.

Call or DM us cos that’s how we roll

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