Productive things to do during a lockdown!

Like seriously who would have thought we would all be thinking or even talking about this like its normal right, well it is and we all have to deal with it! Tomorrow is our first day of lockdown and whilst a lot of the planet has already gone into full lockdown, its day 1 for India and who knows what the future holds. Holidays cancelled and for a lot of people it has become life and death, it is serious but if we all take precautions and listen to the advice of government and take necessary steps personally we will get through this! 

Now back to how are you going to survive one day in lockdown! There are literally a million things we all could be doing! Its just when you are told you have to stay indoors we all start to panic and think you need to go crazy, you don’t!

Vitamin D in moderation is essential for a healthy body, we are planning on heading to the roof tomorrow and getting our summer skin ready with a dose of Vitamin D ( Sunshine ) after all it was the go too treatment in the early 1900’s for the last pandemic that hit the world! get yourself a bootle of wine or 3 and head to where the sun shines, take a book or some music and chill!

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