Your what is bigger?

Recently there was a discovery of epic proportions that a shoe size in the UK is different to US and completly different from manufacturer to manufacturer ( let’s just say this was a new discovery for the only person left on the planet who didnt know )

Just like different parts of the world decided to screw your happiness over shoe sizes we all are very different when it comes to both physical as well as emotionally. A “short” haircut in LA will be a completely different version of short in Bangladesh or Delhi, I guess again this is not a new concept.

 The key to getting it right is communication and an in depth discussion with your stylist over what your version is, be it length or color etc. A lot of the time when things go wrong with hair it’s generally lack of understanding from both parties. 

Few helpful ways to help

  • Save some photos from Pinterest or Instagram of the length, color that you like
  • Save some that you don’t like
  • Go in before your appointment day and discuss it in detail if the salon doesn’t do an in depth consultation. 
  • Don’t order your new look like your order extra bread rolls at the bakery
  • Change salons

And remember that everyone is different, color, size, beliefs and everything in between that’s what makes this world incredible. 

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